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Digiweb is a telecommunications company in Ireland, supplying business and consumer broadband and web hosting. Digiweb is 100% Irish-owned and run, and is headquartered in Dundalk, County Louth, with its technical, installation, and sales offices in Dublin. In May 2013, it acquired the British telecommunications company Viatel.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for Digiweb on Indeed in September 2020:

"This company is a joke, I wouldn't recommend to anyone. HR and career progression doesn't exist. The salary was very basic, and they wouldn't pay overtime."


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Field Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"this company is a joke, I wouldn't recommend to anyone. HR and career progression doesn't exist. Salary iwas very basic, and they wouldn't pay overtime. Cons: salary, Hr, management"

Former Employee - Customer Care Representative says

"I worked at Digiweb full-time for less than a year Cons: *Management has no interest in improving the company and it's services towards their customers, numerous idea's from staff are just ignored and binned. *When you want to do customer care, be prepared to be an extension of their very aggressive credit control team where you'd make outbound calls to ask customers to pay their bill. It's all about the monies coming in, which makes your customer care role very limited. *Low end, cheap ever freezing computers, phones and headsets (Really outdated stuff). *Call center floor is cluttered and loose wires and cables all around the place which might be a potential safety hazard. * Also in general the whole building is very untidy due to limited appearance of a cleaner, fungus on some ceilings in the toilets and in general messy and dirty around the place. *No annual pay rise, they do a 'review' but you always receive the same letter saying there is no room for a pay rise. *No room for career improvements. *Wages are not great, don't rise with the increased costs for living. *No professionalism."

Former Employee - First Level Agent says

"I worked at Digiweb full-time for less than a year Cons: High pressurized contact centre environment"

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